Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Saga of Ripping Pants

Welp, it happened again. Then again, then again, then another time. I ripped my pants. Through the course of seven months I have ripped my pants five times. It truly is amazing that I could go through the first twenty years of my life with only getting ripes in my knees and now I here I am with four dead pants in my closet. I would now like to take this time and guide everyone who reads my blog the life and death of my pants.
1. Aprilish, 2007 reading day right before finals. There I am in the Wilk wearing what might as well be my least favorite pants. I hate these pants but I wear them because I have to wear clothes when my favorite pair are dirty. I bent over tie my shoes (which I rarely do because I am always having other people do it for me) and then rip! right across the back pocket, luckily I had a satchel that covered that area nicely. Also I hated those pants so no big deal in the end
2. July 5thish. It was my first day of work at the Greenhouse and my favorite pants,which I had had for about three years, decided to start tearing in the thigh area. I tried to save them by putting a iron on patch in that area but that proved fruitless.
3. Two days later. These pair of jeans were pretty great. I had had them for about two year and I wore them about evey other day. This time I was again at work. I had step up onto a platform and rip! Right across my back pocket. Instead of going home to change my pants I ducked taped them, but then I had to throw them away. That truly was a sad moment
4. End of November .I was down to four pairs of jeans. I hated two of them and the other two were great. I wore these jeans I had gotten from Christmas that my mom had gotten from Buckle, so these were expensive jeans to me. I wore them alot and I could tell that they were wearing out in the crotch, getting thinner and thinner. One day they ripped on the right side, but I was determined these pants would last me so I put a iron on patch up in there.
5. December 1, 2007 11:22pm. Those pants from above ripped, almost right in half. I was playing broom hockey on the ice over at the seven peaks. I was going for the ball and fell and then rip! For the rest of the night I has to wear a jacket around my waist.
And now I am down to one pair of descent pants and two that I hate.
I am sure the saga will continue