Thursday, August 27, 2009


I love fishing. There is magic in fishing. I love how there is no real tactic, you just throw your line in and putt putt around the lake. There is no competition or stealth, just patience. I have anxiety when it comes to sports or games that take a lot of skill, like wakeboarding. I'll do it because I'm on the boat but it hurts to try to do cool things and it's not part of my genetic makeup to case the knuckle while clearing it (what?). I can do fishing. I am down with that.
This is literally the one that got away, but I have proof! The chain we attached him to was faulty. I hope he lives a good life.
action shot of my dad catching a feisty one.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I heart Nepal

The picture below is of the bagmati river in kathmandu. When my family lived in Hong Kong, we went to Nepal for a ten day vacation. We hiked the himalayas and then came to Kathmandu to do some site seeing. I remember very little about the site seeing but this river is seered into my memory. It is on these ghats that cremations are performed for the dead. My pre-teen self had never been that close to death and at this river it stares you in the face and seaps into your pours. With that in my memory, I finally visited the the river again. It was still eerie and abrasive, and the scenes of death rites were almost sublime in their rawness. Yet, there is something so captivating, I could avert my eyes from these dead bodies and their morning family. It is almost like trashy tv, where you know you shouldn't be this interest in watching but what are these people going to do next? (i loved myself some My Super Sweet 16).

And with that, I miss Nepal. I miss the raw intensity of living. I miss the struggle. Since being back, I haven't felt nasesua once. What is that?
Courtney and I are feeding twinsy baby elephant. CUTE!
I was trying to scare away the dog with my umbrella. it did not work.
I met my parents in Singapore on my way back, talk about a culture shock. And then the day after I got back i went to Lake Powell, so I only count myself for being back in the states for about a day. I need a job...

My sister Kali is engaged.