Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obsessions of 2009

How does one describe a year or access the impact of one year, one year of my life?  But it all seems so present and organic that it is hard to classify a year.  I graduated, had an internship, got a real job, finished my first knitting project, bought a car and went yurting. Seems like an eventful year.  

Here is a list of obessions I have had during the year 2009.

1. Andrew Bird .  Early on last year, his album 'Noble Beast' came out.  I listened to it non stop.  And I still listen to it pretty often but my obsession has subsided.  And I don't really understand the lyrics all that much but i feel like if I did then somehow it would be about me. And during 2009, I saw him in concert and he was everything I wanted and more.  A man with a violin and a voice, what more could you ask for.  My fav is 'tenuousness'.

2. Making a meaningful impact.  As I was getting ready to end my undergraduate I was exploring what I could do with this time in my life.   And all I really want to do is make a difference that is positive and meaningful.  

3. HIV/AIDS. In August, I started volunteering with Utah Aids Foundation and now I have shifted to the Utah Department of Health volunteering with the HIV/AIDS prevention program.  I have read test result, swabbed people's mouth, pricked their fingers and made STD spreadsheets.  I have learned a lot about sexually transmitted diseases since then  and I plan on learning even more this coming 2010.  

4.  Cooking.  Now that I live at my parent's house I have been able to cook all the things I never had the time or energy to cook when I was in college.  Like this awesome creamy rice and shrimp recipe and endless amounts of cookie dough.  

5.  Birthing.  I know I have mentioned it before, but I think it is amazing that women can produce little creatures.  Our bodies are amazing!

6.  Writing Resumes.  I spent a good portion of 2009 writing and rewriting resumes. And not just my own but other people's.   And a lot of time it does feel like you have to display every single good quality you have or else the potential employer will never see how awesome you are.  Rock on for kick butt resumes.

7.  Nepal.  Nepal was epic and it continues to come to me in my daydreams.  And every once in a while I am reminded that I was in a commercial in Nepal.  Viva Nepal!

8.  Not taking the Graduate Record Exam. I have intentions to go to grad school someday soon, maybe in like three years.  And I hear that it is best to take it while you are in school or right after.  Something about studying being easier.  In my last semester of college I had plans to take the test and then I rescheduled it like two time and then I just dropped it.  And I have had this book sitting on my night stand for about five months and it is the last thing I want to do.  I can't even express to you how much I do not want to study for this test.    Ugh.  

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This is my Christmas Post

It sucks not having two whole weeks off for Christmas Break. What is this being an adult crap? Nothing is free anymore.  I had to work on Christmas Eve and for a little bit on Christmas day.  Having said that, I have been having a fantastic holiday break (without the  break part).

1. Last weekend I went up to East Canyon State Park and stayed overnight in a yurt.  Which was awesome and also very posh.  Inside the yurt there was a fireplace and beds and electricity.  So it was kind of like a hotel room in a yurt... without the bathroom.  But the bathroom was only just outside.  In the morning we went snowshoeing and wandered around the frozen lake in our snowshoes (not the best idea).  I loved reconnecting with dear friends, talking about real things and remembering that there are people in the world that get you.  

Inside the Yurt.  So so cozy
2. I went sledding with Sam, Mallory, Ziggy and the rents.  How beautiful it seems to live in a place where a sledding hill is just down the street from your house.  My reality has shifted so much from even 3 years ago where we spent Christmas in our house in Arizona where we could eat dinner outside and watched snow falling on the television.  

3.  Working on Christmas.  Didn't I just say I hated this?  For about two months I have been worried about what Christmas morning would be like for families in the shelter and feeling like it was up to me to make sure that the residents would forget that they were homeless, if only for this one day.  There was a lot of joy that morning and I am so relieved and excited that the morning and evening was a success and even more that I could be a part of it.  And glad that it is over.

4.  Being with my family has been pretty rockin.  Today, Paul and I went snowboarding at Canyon's and it was majestic.  Even though I got a bloody nose, there were worse things that could have happened.  

Stayed tuned for Obsessions of 2009... it's going to be epic

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stuffing and family pictures

Thanksgiving was awesome, awesome, awesome. My family finally took new family pictures. I am not hesitant to show off pictures of my gorgeous family but my mom is freaked out that they are going to be used on faulty weight loss ads and then our pictures will be on at least 100 hundred different web pages. So if you plan on doing that, maybe choose a different family.
My sister and I discovered that we dyed out hair the same exact color. Which makes us look like twins... or just sisters. The boy standing next to her in the brown is my soon to be brother-in-law, Zach. He is hip, well read, and dresses like Will from Glee which makes him nothing like us, but we welcome him and his matching socks!
This picture is the best. My dad, brothers and Zach frolicking in the field with Ziggy soaring through the grass. Sam looks interesting, doesn't he? My question is... what kind of company could use this picture for an ad?

Peace out