Tuesday, March 11, 2008

La la la Life

If you haven't checked out Kirsten's Blog yet, you should. As I was reading what she had to say I was wishing I could say things in such a way. I also wished I would keep up my blog. And so I logged on to start my blogging journey. I realized I hated my template. The template I had was the fifth one I have had since I started blogging and I only have three posts! I tried to do some work on it today but I still don't really like it. I am trying to find a style that is me. I can't find it. I really like yellow and purple but I couldn't put those colors in my blog. I tried. Its funny because they are my favorite colors but I can't seem to incorporate them in my life. You would think I would have more of it in my closet, but I don't
I feel like I have so many things to address. what is the purpose of a blog? I guess it has the same function as facebook or myspace, ya know, to keep people connected, but it is probably classier. But who defines 'classy'? I would like to have a well established blog before I go to India because I want to be able to let people that are important to me in on my doings.
Let me first get started with my reasons for going to India. I first thought about the prospect of going to India last April during finals week. I was an art history major and was disenchanted and dissatisfied with the more possible future. I walked in the Kennedy Center one day looking for some way to get me out of this country. I saw a flier for the India field study. I went to the main office and met three people who currently play a significant role in my preparation for India. It was there that they described to me what a field study would be like. it was what I wanted. i didn't want to do a tour of all the european museums, I wanted to be somewhere and I wanted to learn about a people. This is it, this is my chance. I don't mean to have a limited perspective. I could probably try to do this on my own but I am ok with being guided around my someone who already knows the ropes.
The road to India got me to declare my major as Anthropology, which I am in love with. I know, who knew you could be 'in love' with a major. I feel good about where I am going, not just about literally going like going to India but also about where I am going in Life (yes, a capital L). I have a tentative five year plan but lets be honest how long do those last. I feel as if I am finally where I wanted to be my whole college career but I didn't know about it.
I hope you, my friends, continue to read my musings and while I am away I am sure all of you will be avid readers of my 'blog'.