Sunday, April 26, 2009

yes, I currently reside at my parent's house

I realized yesterday (the day after I graduated) that I can now say things like 'back when I was in college...' or 'in college I used to always...', and then someone quickly reminds me that I am currently living in my parent's basement.

also, Nalgene bottle are truly indestructible. except to hate

Friday, April 17, 2009

Location, location, location

I know there was a lot of confusion in a previous post about the location of nepal. And after that incident and many other conversations, I started to question my ability to locate Nepal on a map. But the map below should clear up some questions...

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Ya'll are invited to my graduation par-tay at my rent's house in highland after commencement. I must say, I have been feeling a bit of an identity crisis. For eighteen years of my life I have been a student. As far as I can recall, my life has had a simple pattern: spend the summer playing/working/traveling and then when the fall comes around go back to school and try to balance a life of work, research, job, friends, clubs and hobbies. Now what? where do i go from here? how do I orient myself?

I thought of another letter i have been wanting to write:

Dear BYU,

For years I have been going to the Cougareat Courgar Express to bag my own candy. I have always seen the candy counter in the bookstore and seen the chocolate covered raisins for 2.99 a pound, and evertime I feel happy inside that the Courgar Express sells the raisins for 2.49 a pound. I believe i may be the only on campus that knows this discrepancy, and that gives me a sense of joy. You can imagine my feelings when I discovered the Courgar Express eliminated their candy station and subsequently the Candy Counter increased the price of chocolate covered raisins to 4.49 a pound. Are you kidding me? Where is the freaking justice? I'm done. If your going to have a monopololy on the market of chocolate covered raisins, then you are going to lose my business and my allegiance. So the Alumni Fund can stop calling me because we're through.



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jk, from before

Remember when I said I was going to Malaysia to visit the vast rain forest and take picture of water, while assisting a women's empowerment group? Well I was just kidding. I am actually going to Nepal. Which, don't tell other people, I think is more awesome than Malaysia and I don't really know why I think that.

Sam and I graduating. We have this tradition in our family to make picture graduation announcements. Sam started it when he graduated from highschool. He stood with his cap and gown in the desert. When Mallory and I graduated we emulated him in our cap and gowns with our token cactus behind us (sadly, I cannot find that picture but there is the picture of Mallory and i kissing my dad which is uber cute). Then Paul graduated from ASU and continued the tradition but with a more stylized approach. Recently, Sam and I took graduation photos together, but there was no desert or cactus to be found... anywhere! What is the deal? So hopefully these will do.