Friday, October 24, 2008

I like you too much after too little time

Hey Friends
This first picture is me. I colored my hair. It looks pretty rad. I wish you could see in this picture that black that is hidden in the back. My hair is getting super long (comparatively). I am thinking that I will wait until the summer to cut it short again. I did take this picture myself so it does have a 'myspace' feel to it.

In other news, I bought new shoes. My chacos are just not cutting the mustard. Utah is cold and therefore I need shoes that will protect my feet from the cold. The shoes I bought do not fulfill that function. I mean they will be good when it is not raining or snowing, but its utah so there will be snow. But after doing some research, I really wanted these shoes. Have you ever heard of Toms Shoes? Well, for every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need. So... thats cool. Although, it sounds great, is it? Who are they giving these shoes to? Well it said the last shoe drop was in South Africa and Argentina. Is that just relief? And is is justified or is it creating a dependcy on something that can not always be provided. Are they putting local shoe companies out of work? AND, they were made in China and not that China products are faulty but how are they insuring that the laborers are being paid competitive wages and the workings conditions are humane? That is what I spend my days thinking about.

In other news, I may go to Cambridge (that is in england) this summer and then go to India to do an internship. I am unsure about the exact plans.

Last week, I went to a Mountain Goats concert AND a Fleet Foxes concert, AMAZING.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life in Wonderland

Oh Hey.

I haven't been writing in my blog because
A. I am no longer in India
B. My live does not seem exotic
C. I am busy (when has that not been an excuse)

Here is an update on my life, thus far...

I am living in Provo for my last seven months at BYU. I have enjoyed my time at BYU immensely. It has been quite a journey. I go through phases where I can't decide if I like it or not. But I have come to the consensus that I am a better person because of it and I am different. I finally found a niche in school that seems to suit me. I have finally become involved with my professors. They are not as scary as I always thought. I am co-president of Students for International Development. Here I learn about awesome people and awesome experiences. I am slightly jealous of all the people that will be staying for the next couple of years, there are so many incredible experiences to partake in.

I graduate in April and am trying to find a path. Teach for America is out of the running, they told me I wasn't good enough. I am thinking about doing a teaching fellows with NYC or Chicago, but I am also looking into an internship with a NGO in India. But, there is always the Peace Corps.

On to other news... my FHE group made a massive fort in my living room. There is a picture
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And then these are my favorite cousins that I visited in California

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So I guess my life is going pretty well