Saturday, November 21, 2009


I am hesitant to share my opinion because I know that I am offending a lot of my friends.  But one day we will have to wake up and face the music. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!

My parent left town and left me to be the guardian and care taker of my dog.  He is cute flat faced pug but also very needy.  He has to be touching a person at all times.  Rarely does my mood every match his.  It's weird, it's like I am never in the mood to run around the house like a crazy person.  Where has all my energy gone?  Sometimes, I look at the my little kid friends and become jealous of their stamina.  The other day, Kaliegh ran circles around me for ten minutes saying, 'can we do it now, can we do it now...'  How can she do it that?   I want that!

Today is Sam's birthday!  He is 26 years old!  What what!  When he got back from his mission, he started school at BYU.  We practically started at the same time.  And for awhile, before my parents made the exodus to the lovely deseret, he was all I had.  It seemed like, as the youngest child, I was always wanting to grow up so that my siblings could see me as a competent, intelligent peer.  Finally, I had been given this chance to prove to Sam that I was just like him.  Once i got over this complex of mine, I learned to appreciate everything that Sam was and is and I enjoyed so much, watching him grow up and find the woman of his dreams.  And while I am happy for him that he has a job and lives in Oregon with Lizzy-baby, I miss him and wish he were here to laugh with and give me advice.  Is this public enough? Happy Birhday big brother!