Monday, January 12, 2009

All you soul searching people

This is a list of my least favorite things
1. Plucking my eyebrows. come on. really? I hate it. Did a man come up with this sort of enforced beauty, I don't doubt it
2. When people, mostly my dad, walk through my pile from sweeping
3. When I overestimate the size of a Tupperware as seen in the picture below

Here are is a list of some of my most favorite things
1. Soldier's Hollow. It is this tubing place outside of Provo that is incredible. There is rope tow and tubing runs, its the perfect formula for a perfect evening. This is a picture of my roommates and me on Friday night.
2. Using acronyms in everyday language and NOT in text messaging. I think it started out as a way of mocking text language but know it has just become a fun way to communicate. There is a poster I found in the local Wal-Mart trying to educate young, influential customers about the proper acronyms to use in text. Do you know what FYSBIGTBABN means? I dare you .3. BYUSA celebrities. The BYUSA is the student body 'government' for BYU. Let's be honest, the whole thing is a bit ridiculous. And sometimes the presidency kind of walks around like they own the place because Cecil O. Samuelson knows their name and they get to sit on the stand during devotionals every week, but really they will never be able to add an extra entrance to the library or even talk about parking. Perhaps all they will be able to do is offer students free hot chocolate and, on a good day, a free hot dog. Despite all of this, Adam, the president, is from New Zealand and he did come to my Classy Christmas Party and he did try to kiss me... so that's worthy of liking.