Friday, October 30, 2009

Karaoke 24/7

My coworkers take a very liberal amount of smoking breaks and i feel myself being left out. It's like that episode of The Office where Dwight moves the water fountain-thing to his desk so he could hear the work gossip. But I was thinking that if my coworkers took karaoke breaks instead, I would join them. But alas, they didn't think I was serious. Maybe in the next life or maybe in Japan.

Today, my Dad showed me the stun gun he bought me. He is afraid for the safety of his youngest daughter. The streets of Salt Lake can be a beast. Look out world. I have a stun gun

Saturday, October 10, 2009


My friend, Ramita, brought the dvd of my Nepali commercial to america.

Here it is.... the moment you have been waiting for...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just stop and shake it up

A week ago, I sang karaoke for an hour and a half by myself. I need to make myself perfectly clear when i say I love karaoke.

I can do things for myself and by myself. I can go to the store by myself and I can take my lunch breaks by myself. Last night, I went to a Blitzen Trapper concert all by my lonesome. It wasn't the first time. When I was sixteen I went to the Fiesta Mall to watch Avril Lavigne. There. I did it. Skeleton out of the closet. The thing is... I really needed to see Blitzen Trapper and I was sure I could get someone to go with me, but that didn't happen. I work like a block away from the venue and i got off of work just as the concert was starting. All the cards were in place. So I went. And Blitzen Trapper was amazing. Once they hit the stage it didn't matter that I was alone because there was this incredible amount of energy that wrapped me into the music and the perfromance.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ridin Dirty

So I have been more than a little obsessed with Heroes for the past two months. Just two weeks ago there was the season premiere and I was all confused. But than I remembered that they do this to me every season premiere, they start somewhere in the future and work back. But this was too out of wack. So i did some digging and discovered that my season three was missing ten episodes! TEN EPISODES! what the? But with the help of my friend Chaela, I am rectifying that situation and am well on my way to being caught up.


But today, I got a job. I am now the volunteer coordinator at The Road Home's Emergency Winter Homeless Shelter. So I am your hook up to volunteering. I can even begin to tell you how lucky and blessed I feel. Two months of waiting and watching heroes and my first professional job has finally come! I am ecstatic.

Also, to top of the day I bought a car. I am now a proud owner of a 2000 dodge stratus. Some of you who know me may be shocked because I have expressed my wishes on never owning a car. I thought this day wouldn't come until I had at least four kids, but curse Utah and it's fault transport system. But now I have a car. My first car. And I bought it. With my own money. Eat that.
Now for a name. I am taking suggestions...