Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm Going to India to Get Married

My brother, Sam, is getting married in a week. It is a very exciting time for my family, but I 've noticed there is not as much attention on me but more on my brother, and as a youngest child this lack of attention is strange. Today, Liz, Sam's fiance, went through the temple and we had a family lunch afterwards and that was the forum I used to make my annoucement. The secret is out, I am getting married in India and now you all know my real reason and can use the comment section to give your advice. I don't plan on meeting my future sweetie until the day of the wedding, so... if you wanted to know about him I can't tell you anything.
This is Liz Rhodes. She is marrying my brother, and soon will be called Liz Lambson. In this picture she is holding a bouquet that I made for her bridals. I am doing all the flower arrangements for the wedding. Who knew I was so talented? It will be the first marriage in my family. My parents always knew that Sam would be the first one, and so did we. First comes loves, then comes marriage and then BABIES. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Their story is like a mini romance novel and if you want to read it click here
On a different note, I am almost done with all my finals! Yeah! Woo hoo! I just have to do a make up final and then my book binding final and I am home free. More like I am free to travel to India. I leave in eleven days! eleven days! I bought linen pants at the savers today, two pairs! I totally thought I was going to bring my jeans for traveling until I bought some clothes to wear but apparently jeans are too form fitting. So I bough linen pants and I am in love with them. For awhile now I have been disenchanted with jeans. i hate almost every single pair of jeans I have. I think the purchase of these linen pants is the begining of my jean strike, I wish it were lint because then I could do a trial run a swear off jeans for lint. In India I will be wearing salwar camises (I have not idea how to spell it, but they are like long tunics with slacks, if you can imagine that) and saris. To the left, Heidi and I are wearing some saris. Heidi will be going with me to india, along with six other kids who I don't really know but will shortly know very well.