Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Deep Breaths

I am having an identity crisis. This is the first September since I was three that I haven't been enrolled in school. I am ready for it. I am so ready to not be a student anymore. And as I sit all day in my bedroom watching old shows of Veronica Mars, I realize my only friends are the little girls on the street. Lauren is my bestie because she is only four and doesn't have to go to school. Lauren, Ziggy (the pug) and I sit on the front step talking about dum dums and imaginary boyfriends. It is during these times that I miss my former life, the life I was so ready to leave behind. I had defined myself by my activities and networks and classes. By my last year at BYU, I was a known person. Provo was fun and exciting and I had friends. And now I trade it for my parent's basement in highland utah. But of course,
it's only temporary...
I'm in transition...
i'm trying to figure somethings out
But do you want to know the truth? I can't find a job. In my defense, in this past month I have been to Lake Powell, San Fransisco, Boston and Portland. Yet, I struggle with detaching my identity from my occupation. Which at the moment consists of rereading Ella Enchanted and indexing. But this was to be expected