Saturday, November 22, 2008

I got a feeling 21 is gonna be a good year

It was my half-birthday on Wednesday. I am now, officially, 21 going on 22. Yes! Wahoooo!

Today I went to a baby shower for a girl I was good friends with in high school. She sat on the couch next to another common friend who was married and next to her was a friend who had a thirteen month old baby. I sat amongst friends, there were seven highschool friends including me. Five are married, one is almost engaged, two have children and one is pregnant. Did I tell you how old I am? I am only twenty one. I am too young to go to baby showers where I am the only single female.

I just heard Neil Young's full length album from his live concert in 1965, or something, and it was amazing. "You can't be twenty on sugar mountain, though your thinking that your leaving there too soon." Perhaps this baby shower was my way of being escorted off sugar mountain. But am I ready to leave?

This is from an awesome site called

I <3 Music

I have often compared my passion to music to worshiping a false god. I don't, but if I did and if I ever have come close to worshiping any sort of idol it has probably been music.

You know the type of music that you feel instantly. I feel it all. Like "Your Ex Lover is Dead" by Stars. So delicious. Or even better are the songs that take a while to like and then once you like it is like 'in' you. Hook, line and sinker. The song "Jigsaw Falling into Place" by Radiohead is one of those songs for me.

So, if you have any musical suggestions you think I might be interested in, send them my way. I also think that James Mercer is attractive. Done