Sunday, March 21, 2010

Perfect Sunday

I bought a Canon Rebel T1i. Isn't it beautiful? In lieu of my future departure to Botswana, I have purchasing a lot of things. Some are coming in the mail, some I am buying from the store. It's like Christmas. I feel indulgent. But I think that will change soon. But I haven't explored my new camera properly

Today was a perfect day for exploring. It was a beautiful spring day. This is probably the worst time of year for Utah. Because Utah weather is manic depressive. One day we will have this beautiful spring day with sun and warm weather and then the next day there will be a bone chilling storm that takes about a week to recover from. Take this past week for example. Yet, today was magnificent. It was a perfect Sunday. I went on a long walk/mini hike with my friend and we took Ziggy. We explored the diverse terrain of Highland.

And then we found a horse... and cows. I was a bit scared of the horse, but he was sweet and wanted to be touched. All he needed was a little TLC.

2 stamps of approval:

Natausha said...

Your camera is beautiful! I covet it. Such clear, marvelous photos! Can't wait for the pics of Botswana that are to come!

Cheri said...

That is one cute pug picture! I guess that we just have to remember that it is'nt going to be winter forever, even though it seems like it.