Monday, March 9, 2009

Hunger Feast 3000

I just had one of the biggest weeks of the academic career. I presented in the Inquiry Conference this past Friday. At 2:20pm in the Kennedy Center I stood up in front of a few of my peers and some of my professors and finally confessed about what I had been doing in India. It was exhilarating. I had taken a year's worth of preparation with classes, field work and post-field write up. Finally, I was presenting my research in front of audience that wanted to hear. I am positive that when I was a freshman, and I thought of my future as a college student, presenting at a conference was not on the agenda. In fact, the place I am in now is so different than i could have ever imagined.
Just ten minutes after my presentation I ran over to the Wilkinson Center to start the set up of Hunger Banquet. I could go into elaborate detail about both nights but most of all I want to say that it was amazing, it was more better than I could have expected. I realize the word 'amazing' is over used. I mean the Hunger Banquet made me feel like I could do good in the world. It reaffirmed to me that there are sick and starving people, my brothers and sisters, all over the world. I can sit in a classroom or sit and read a book and listen over and over to the awful statistic that one sixth of the world only function of one dollar a day. I am not shocked, but I don't feel good inside. It is like this... if i choose to sit one more day while the injustice of poverty and genocide ravage the earth, i will be held accountable for my inability to act. The Hunger Banquet empowers me and gives me hope. The monies that were raised on the Hunger Banquet are going to be distributed to organizations that are most effective in effecting a change that really matter, giving others freedom.

Post HB, I feel relieve, I feel grateful, but most of all I feel hope.

This is what the ballroom looked like before...

This is what looked like when filled with people

These are all the beautiful people that made it happen, we could not have done it without them
These are the two people I have been privileged to work with for my duration as SID c0-president. I love them.

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chaela mcdonald said...

you forgot to mention how at the inquiry conference we wore t-shirts that had your face on them.

Also, I'm busy with semantically important things.


Cheri said...

It was a fabulous event. You all did a great job. Such a worthy cause too. Thanks for helping to save the world!!