Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I feel like I am cheating on you. The thing is... there is another.

I have another blog.

I decided to post my blog for botswana on a more public sphere (i.e. placing it on peacecorpsjournals.com). I have loved sydmark, and I proud of the content. I feel like there are some personal posts and information that I don't necessarily want the whole world to know.

I invite you to follow me to Botswana. Add www.sydneylambson.com to your google reader. I promise to still be as personal and frank as have always been! Do it!



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Cheri said...

Keep on rockin in the free world! Will you keep this blog up at all? We love your new blog, sydneylambson.com. Good luck in Botswana for the next 2 years and 3 months! We love ya!